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Updated: 3/10/18


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Notice of Annual Village Election Tues. June 19, 2018
NOTE: The Board of Trustees meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM Lower Level of Village Hall
February and March (special) Board of Trustees meeting minutes


Shoreham's Sporting Heritage

Circa 1920's photo of the Ashley brothers in a manifestly hard-fought match. Between the 1910's and 1960's the Ashley's occupied a mansion (still standing) on Briarcliff Rd.

Early male Shoreham tennis players apparently exhaled smoke and wore ties as telltales to judge wind direction. Shoreham athletes later discovered the health and performance benefits of smoking cessation and sport-appropriate attire.

Photo courtesy John Weiss and his mom, the late Lillian Weiss.


Incorporated Village of Shoreham

P.O. Box 389 (use P.O. Box for mail)

80 Woodville Rd. (north end of Woodville Rd.)

Shoreham New York 11786-0389

(631) 821-0680 (If no answer, leave a voice message for the Village Clerk)

Fax #: (631) 821-4102



For Village Business: Village Clerk Catherine Donahue Spier

E-mail: cspier@shorehamvillage.org

Village Hall Office Hours: Tu, Wed, Thu 12 NOON to 3 PM-- or by appointment


For Village Hall Rental Information contact Village Hall Steward Patty Stimson

Phone (631) 849 6479. Patty's Hours in her office on the upper level of the Village Hall:--------------Monday and Friday 1-4 PM or by appointment. You can leave a message if Patty doesn't pick up.

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Shield of the Shoreham Village Code Enforcement Dept. Click on shield for contact info.

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Shoreham Village is located on the scenic North Shore of Long Island

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