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Incorporated in 1913 (and having joyously celebrated its centennial in 2013), Shoreham Village is located on the scenic North Shore of Long Island about 70 miles east of New York City. In the 19th Century, the site was known as "Woodville Landing", for the break in the bluffs where locally harvested cordwood was loaded upon flat-bottom boats for trans-shipment to New York and to the brick works at Haverstraw on the Hudson.

In 1900, its name was changed to "Wardenclyffe"by developer James Warden, who took advantage of the arrival of rail service in 1895 to establish a summer resort and colony on the site. Warden also attracted inventor Nikola Tesla to establish his famous laboratory and radio tower nearby. Herbertt Hapgood took over development of the community upon Warden's death in 1906, and the community was renamed "Shoreham" by Elizabeth Upham, the spouse of one of Hapgood development partners Richard Upham.

Until the 1960's, Shoreham Village was a largely summer community but transitioned rapidly to a year-round community in the 1960's-1970's as its growth was spurred on by the arrival of local employment opportunities, including Brookhaven Lab and Grumman.

Shoreham Village today, with a population of about 550 and an area of about 280 acres, is vibrant and cohesive, with a strong community spirit and a tradition of volunteerism and of looking out for one's neighbors, as well as a deep devotion to the Village, its present and its future.

Villagers are very engaged in recreation, including seasonal water sports and tennis, to name a few, and has some well established celebrations and traditions, including 4th of July festivities and an annual tennis tournament with Wading River that has been played every year since 1924.

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