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Above: View north towards Sound from southwest corner of field just east of Woodville Rd. extension that constitutes the entranceway to the modern-day Village Hall. At that time, Woodvlle Rd. continued down a gully to the Beach and was used for hauling cordwood to boats which carried the cordwood to the brick works at Haverstraw on the Hudson. The roof of the Pavilion, built into the face of the bluff, is visible in the center of the picture. To the left, west of the Woodville Rd. extension, is the "Lob Cabin" which was Shoreham's 1st clubhouse.

Above: View from similar location but taken a few years later and looking further west. The northward extension of Woodville Rd. is visible in the center of the picture as it descends into the gulley towards the beach. To the left, the residence of Randall Warden obscures the view of the "Log Cabin" beyond. Randall Warden was a prominent Shoreham resident of the time and son of James Warden, who founded Wardenclyffe, the predecessor to Shoreham Village.


Above: Later photo (circa 1940) from same location showing newer clubhouse that replaced the "Log Cabin" around 1919 and stood until destroyed by fire in 1987. The pillars, now painted white, still stand and form the entranceway to the modern-day Village Hall completed in 1990.


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