View from the bluff above and just west of Shoreham Village beach, which is visible on the far left below the Pavilion, built into the cliff face and lost to a storm shortly after this photo was made. Rustic bridges are seen traversing the gullies on either side of the newly-constructed clubhouse just to the left of the Stanton house in the right foreground. Just to the right of the Stanton house, on the extreme right edge of the photo is the Randall Warden house, later moved 1/4 mile south to its current location along Woodville Road. Later owners included Wesley Sherman, Shoreham's real estate agent and Constable, and Edward Baisch, co-owner of the Shorewood Water Company. The grand house in the background was the Millard home, lost to fire in the 1920's. The low structure barely visible in the woods in the upper right hand corner of the picture is the Power House/Pump House-- the general utility building serving the early Village which, at various times provided cold storage of produce, electricity, running water and ice for the Village. On its top floor,there was for a time a laundry service for the Shoreham Inn. It was converted to a private residence in 1947.

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