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1930's view of The Shoreham Store (above), which began it's existence in the 1st decade of the 1900's as a general store serving the new Shoreham Village community. Gas pumps were later added. Until the 1960's, when a separate structure was added to the north, the Post Office was located in an alcove in the northeast corner of the building off the front porch. (Scroll down to see 3 more pictures of the Shoreham Store through the years.)

Slightly later view of Shoreham Store, circa 1940.


1983. The Shoreham Store ended its public history as a delicatessen and convenience store, prior to its conversion to a private residence. (Photo also shows that it briefly housed a hair salon). When it was a store, the owner often lived above on the 2nd floor. Photo also shows the brick post office building, constructed in the early 1960's. It is now a small professional building currently housing a doctor's office.

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