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Above: Photo from 1930's showing oval at entrance to Club, newly dedicated to Frances Upham Warden, who had recently passed away in 1933. The widow of James Warden, founder of Wardenclyffe (predecessor to Shoreham), Ms. Warden was owner and innkeeper to "the Maples", Shoreham's 2nd hotel, later known as the "Dove and Turtle", now a private residence on Woodville Rd. Ms. Warden was also an avid gardener and prominent member of the Shoreham Garden Club, who dedicated the oval in her memory. The oval is now dominated by a large ewe tree. Background of photo also shows that the Club entrance featured a large archway at the time.


Above: Earlier photo (1910's) looking further to the right (easward) from about the same location at the northward extension of Woodville road just north of Briarcliff. The oval is visible to the left. To the right is the Shoreham Inn, Shoreham's origial inn. Note sign for "Shoreham Agency", the real estate firm that was selling Shoreham's newly-built "bungalows" and estate homes. Note also Bell Telephone logo hanging from porch near the Union Jack, indicating that the Inn had phone service. The Shoreham Inn operated from the 1900's until abandoned in the 1920's and demolished in the 1930's.

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