To: Shoreham Village Residents and Members of the Shoreham Country Club
From: Joe Falco, MD, Mayor Brian Vail, and Trustees, Sherry Neff, Mariann Coogan, Ed Brickley,
and Laura Baisch
RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Briefing - 3/13/20

On March 12th, County Executive Steve Bellone declared a state of emergency in Suffolk County
after 14 new patients tested positive for the coronavirus. Following Governor Cuomo’s press
conference today, placing New York State in a state of emergency, our Health Commissioner and
the Board of Trustees concurred that it is imperative to halt all events at the Shoreham Village
Hall. This would include all rentals, Shoreham Country Club events, as well as TSVA events. In
order to reduce the spread of infection, events that are currently scheduled between today,
3/14/20 and 4/30/20 are being cancelled or rescheduled to a later date. As this is a very fluid
situation, we will evaluate regularly and keep you updated on any changes to this April 30th date.
It is our intention that the Village office remains open for business, however, we ask that any
communication by residents be conducted via phone call or email.

The Village Hall Phone Number is: (631) 821-0680.

Right now, New York State has the highest number of cases in the US, at 421. As of today at 6PM,
Suffolk County has reported 28 cases of coronavirus. 11 of those are hospitalized, and the rest
are self-isolated. The major concern now is community spread of this virus, and the CDC, local,
and State Health Departments recommend social distancing and reduced density in order to
reduce the spread.

Further guidelines from the CDC and Health Department include:
-Frequent hand washing with soap and water, for a minimum of 20 seconds.
-Use of hand sanitizer when soap & water is not available.   (*-- Also see note below about homemade hand sanitizer)
-Sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.
-At the sign of any symptom of illness, stay home. Call your medical provider first. They will be able to guide you on the need for testing, and the next steps to take. It is also not recommended that you go to the ER without calling first.

We are navigating a very unprecedented time. We are remaining in touch with our County
Executive through their Covid-19 briefings, as they continue to gather information for us at the
State and Federal level. We will keep you updated as we receive new information.
We understand the inconvenience, but are committed to take every necessary step to protect the
health of all our Shoreham Residents. Together, we can do this!
With best wishes for good health!
Joe Falco, MD, Commissioner of Health and Public Safety
and the Shoreham Village Board of Trustees

*-- Note that the original March 13th communication included a popular recipe for homemade hand sanitizer for when commercial hand sanitizer is unavailable.  However, we have subsequently removed it it because the Village cannot guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the home-made version, which may not have sufficient alcohol content to kill coronavirus and other germs, depending upon the starting ingredients used and how they are mixed.