Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020

Subject: Message from the Board of Trustees regarding Village facilities and operations

Dear Fellow Shoreham Residents: 
I hope this email finds you well and know that our community is here to lend support to each other.  

Update on Village Facilities: 
As of today, the basketball court, playground and paddle courts are closed until further notice.  The tennis courts are open for “Singles Play” only.  Please consider wearing gloves while playing tennis. 

The beach, tennis courts and ball field are open as long as we follow guidelines two, four and six in Governor Cuomo’s executive order and keep a distance of six feet from each other while using village property.  The details of the executive order were sent via email to all residents this morning.  
While enjoying the beach and village grounds please do not gather in groups. 

The village gate is not working properly. Currently the gate is open.  We may need to keep the gate closed.  We will send an update if we decided to keep the gate closed. 

Village Operations: 
All village operations are being done remotely at individual’s residences.   The Village Hall is closed.  Code Enforcement Officers have authority to enter the building.  Starting tomorrow the Village will have a Code Officer on duty six days per week. 

The next Village Hall monthly meeting, Tuesday, April 14th, will be held via video conference.  There will be no public meeting.  The minutes of the conference will be published and available on the website. 

On going Village landscaping may be delayed.  Non- emergency residential construction performed by contractors is not permitted in the Village while Governor Cuomo’s executive order is in effect. 

At this time all capital/improvement projects have been put on hold.  We will develop a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that starts August 1st.   The budget will include expenditures for capital projects.  The decision to start any capital projects whether for this year or next will be considered at a future date.  

Thank you for adhering to the above guidelines.   We will all be experiencing significant stress at times during the next few weeks.   Please keep in touch with each other and as a community we will get through this difficult time. 

Shoreham Village Trustees