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Shoreham Village was incorporated in 1913. There are 204 homes in an area of approximately 280 acres. We have our own Village government and facilities such as a Village hall, private beach, and parks and playing fields.

Here is some general information to get you started, but please check out the rest of our website for more information.

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Contact Information

Shoreham Village Hall
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 389
Physical Address: 80 Woodville Rd. Shoreham, NY 11786
office hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00 - 2:00
Fax: (631) 821-4102
Clerk's Office: (631) 821-0680,
Building Steward:
Code Enforcement: (631) 655-5963 (non emergencies only)
Website feedback:

Emergency Phones

Cell service ranges from spotty to non-existent as you go into the Village. There are two phones that can be used in an emergency; one is at the northeast corner of Woodville Rd. and Briarcliff Rd. and one is outside the Village Hall, at the east end of the lower level.

Members of the Board of Trustees

The trustees request that you use the email addresses below for Village business.
-- Mayor Tom Spier:
-- Trustee Laura Baisch: (Village Hall)
-- Trustee Ed Brickley: (Roads & Drainage, Construction)
-- Trustee Mariann Coogan: (Beach, Recreation Facilities)
-- Trustee Sherry Neff: (Technology, Parklands)


The government is run by volunteers. We have an elected mayor and four trustees, plus a number of commissioners and committee members. There is also a small paid staff. Board meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month; check the calendar to confirm.

Village Code

The code of the Village of Shoreham is a guide to the laws governing our community. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the code, especially before you start any work on your house, trees, or property.

Building Permits

It is ALWAYS recommended to reach out and ask whether a permit will be needed for your project. As this is a small Village, even minor exempt work may appear to require a building permit. Please email and prior to commencement of work.

A building permit is required for most alterations and/or new structures. There are a few examples of projects that are exempt from this requirement:
  • Detached storage shed of up to 144 SF
  • Fences that conform to zoning
  • Playground equipment
  • Recoverings/repairs in-kind, including siding, windows, roofing, floor & wall coverings/finishes, trim, provided no structural work or changes in configuration of rooms are included.
  • Minor site work, limited to $5,000. Grading & retaining walls will most likely require a permit.

Regarding fences: 
Fences in the front yard may only be up to 4’ in height. In the side and rear yard, they may be up to 6’ in height. Be advised that corner lots are considered to have two front yards, and there may be different restrictions on or along the northern bluff.
Fences must not be made of reflective materials and chainlink fences may not have slats, per local zoning. Chickenwire style fencing is only permitted for interior gardens within a rear yard.


Residents pay a separate annual Village property tax. This tax covers services such as facilities maintenance, roadwork, trash pickup, and snow removal. Taxes are due on September 1.


Parking in Village lots is by permit or guest pass only. Street parking is limited; see the Village code for more details. Entry to the Village hall and beach parking lot requires an electronic pass. Contact the Village clerk to request a permit, electronic card, or guest pass.

Code Enforcement

The Village employs code enforcement personnel to enforce local laws. They are on patrol every day during the summer and less often at other times during the year. If you need police help call 911.

Fire District

The Village is part of the Rocky Point Fire District. The closest fire house is at 49 Route 25A in Shoreham, and can be reached at (631) 744-4102.


Hunting is not allowed anywhere in the Village. If you see someone illegally hunting in the Village please call the DEC law enforcement at 844-332-3267, ext 5, ext 1 to report it. You may also call 911.


The Village has a contract with a carter to handle trash and recycling. Please do not put your trash out the night before (pickup is after 8 am).

Beach Information   <-- click to open a cool interactive map in a new window

Beach advisories can be put in place after heavy rainfall or for other reasons. More information on the beach monitoring program can be found on the Suffolk County Website.
Beach Access Ramp information

Animal Control

Call 631-451-6950 to report a dead animal in the road or to report a stray dog or cat.

Community Organizations

The Shoreham Country Club (SCC) is a social organization promoting entertainment, recreation, and community spirit.
SCC can be reached via email.

The aim of The Shoreham Village Association (TSVA) is to maintain and improve quality of life through education, cultural programs, and initiatives.
More information can be found at
TSVA can be reached via email.